Quick cuppa tour: Early May

 Hello m' early Mays,

Got your cuppa? and some dunking biscuits?  Let's go..... What a glorious day it has been. The air chill has eased. Most of the greenhouse plants have been allowed out for an early weekend outing. Here they all being boisterous in the sun, out on the picnic table - 

The Dahlias think they're all grown up now and have been spending every night out.
The Cannas, that I divided back here, are still in the greenhouse but are coming along nicely. 

 Back outside the Granny's Bonnets (Aquilegia 'Nora Barlow') are just beginning to pop out, 

just like all the grannies around Falmouth town, now they've had their two jabs -

The flowers really would make a great real life hat.

The Californian Poppies and Calendulas are back (Eschscolzia california) -

It is my humble opinion that one can never have enough sea thrift -

 The Pansies pretended to die, but have dramatically returned. 

Shame they are a little late for the Oscars.

The Tree Echium (Echium pininana) has more flowers on it with each day -

The fat bumble bees are loving it.

I tend to take most garden photos in the mornings, 

but this one shows the last rays of light catching the top of the Pieris 'Red Robin' ....

...before the sun dips down behind the hill, leaving just the old church illuminated  -

When the kids and I were off on one of our mystery picnic tours last weekend, 

we spotted this delightful plant stall and honesty box, (lost near Helston, we think) - 


We picked out camomile, unnamed cactus, hens & chicks and echiveria ...

all for 50 p each

What a Bobby Dazzler!

Today I had my Oxford - AstraZeneca vaccine at Stithians showground. I thought it only right and proper to pop to nearby Burncoose nursery, where I picked up this Aeonium Zwarktop.

I hope to get six plants out of this one, so I've already pulled one stem off and stuck it in a propagation pot. That would brings the price of each plant down to an amazing ...you've guessed it...50p! 

By not allowing me to have a pony or swimming pool, ol' glass eyed Mumrah trained me well.


Following my jab, Monsieur thinks I am going to act like normal and 'give it the large' this weekend. 

I have advised him that I think I will be feeling a little unwell on Sunday morning, and will therefore be needing a lie in and cup of tea bringing to me in bed.


Hopefully before that, I will manage a much needed catch up on blog reading.

Hope you are well.

What are you up to this weekend?

Lulu xXx

Thank you for visiting!

Please let me know if you have stopped by in the comments section below.  

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  1. is it okay if i take red wine and dark choc?

    today i was able to enter the registration website for the vaccine - now i have to wrangle with another website for a date........ but the BW´s registration was not accepted for unknown reasons.......... don´t ask - germans like it complicated.

    your garden looks absolutely fabulous!!!! those flowers, the light and the beautiful view with the church! its so very lush already - no comparison to our siberian patch.
    love the expression "granny´s bonnet" for the "akelei".
    some hobby gardeners around here do this too - a little stand at the fence with plants, seedlings, flowers - later veggies, fruits or nuts - and a box for the money. we often use it.

    have a wonderful weekend and a great sleep in with perfect room service :-D

    1. That's a good choice of drink and snack Beate :) Fingers crossed for your vaccine. I love the honesty boxes. With every place I've ever lived before, things would be nicked straight away. You would not believe the random things I've had stolen over the years. The room service was spot on thank you :) Lulu xXx

  2. Flying back to the uk as my father in law is dying the Japanese government have given us a month but have told us if we need any more time to get in touch with the embassy in london. Seems strange sitting in an empty airport .
    It’s weird I never got on with his dad, so I feel a bit detached at the moment a bit aqward if you like. We have to go to an isolation hotel for 10 days yippee and then stay with my parents.
    I wanted to stay in a hotel but they insisted I stay with them. Still it will be nice to see them after a year.
    The garden looks awesome my friend is looking after the house and has promised not to kill the houseplants, milo , the gecko or the fish the youngest are staying with my boss as they don’t really know him. Yeah weird and strange week. Take care and keep safe

    1. Hello Allie Jane, I'm sorry your journey is for this reason. It must be very strange indeed. Glad you have someone looking after all your houseplants, gecko, fish...and children. You take care. Sending love and thoughts to you xXx

  3. You are funny! (Ol glass eye mumrah) ... I wish we had honesty boxes round here, I suppose it's an indication that round here it hasn't worked/not enough honest people methinks. You have so much colour in your garden already (I have a few forlorn forget-me-nots) I will follow your example .. get a plant and take bits off before it settles in and grow babies! Yesterday I suffocated what little life was left in my border by burying it in woodchip - very satisfying clean lines to view from bedroom window until birds flick it everywhere searching for worms (forgot about that). I love that pic of those beautiful orange (favourite colour) poppy thingys with the light blue of the fgm (made that up - it's such a long name for a little flower) - what a contrast, I need a silk kaftan in those colours.Hope you get that cuppa in bed and a big chocolate biscuit xxx

    1. It used to be just 'mumrah' but when mam reached a certain age, the prefix was added ;) I too find woodchip hugely satisfying, but those pesky blackbirds do love a good rummage in it don't they! The Californian Poppies turn all the surrounding hills orange in California ... they are starting to take over a bit here too :0 'FGM' is much easier :) Good idea on the chocolate biscuit... I'll add that to the list. Lulu xXx

  4. You got some great bargains - it's always good to make more plants. Your garden is looking lovely. It is too cold for any hardening off of plants here yet, but hopefully by the end of May, things will improve. Currently it is raining and windy, so crafting indoors will be happening. Yay!

    1. Thank you Ellie :) Crafting sounds like the perfect way to spend a rainy, windy day.
      I hope some tea and cake was involved.
      Lulu xXx

  5. Hi Lulu, Your garden is looking beautiful - so much colour! Lovely photos - the church is a stunning garden feature. ;-) Are you going to have a camomile lawn area? I’ve always been intrigued by that idea. I hope you manage to dodge the ill effects of the vaccine, but it’s a perfect excuse to rest up. X

    1. Thank you Claire :) The church is one feature that will not be changing ;) I fear a camomile lawn would not survive the kids trampling over it. I've never actually had camomile before so I'll pop it in a bigger pot until I decide what to do with it. The littlest wants to make tea with it, but I'd rather drink bath water. Lulu xXx

  6. I love the idea of an honesty box and occasionally see them around here when someone is selling eggs at the garden gate.

    1. They're great aren't they Cherie! We get a lot of cauliflower ones around here too. Some go as far as doing jams. Lulu xXx

  7. Hola! I'm on the beer, it is saturday afternoon!
    Your garden is just fabulous and looks so much more advanced than mine, currently resembling The Somme after this week's rain! I love that your dahlias are spending the night out, they are doing well!
    You've answered a question for me, I wondered what those plants are called - zwarktops! I need one in my life. That plant stall is fantastic, I think I'd wheel it away with me and leave a blank cheque.
    Great news on the vaccine. xxx

    1. Hiya Vix! We've only just finally got a good dousing of much needed rain. Zwarktops are amazing things. I have a tall leggy one already, but I need to work out how to get it doing a multi-branch move. So the more I have, the more I can experiment! I think we will be driving that way again just to see the plant stall. Lulu xXx

  8. This time I remembered to have a cuppa while reading your blog. As always a lovely informative post. Love the echium, they make such a statement in the garden. As for dahlia I leave ours in the ground all year and up they pop - well they always have done but no sign as yet. Enjoy your week.

    1. Glad you got your cuppa Mike :) Beats the tepid water. Our neighbour also leaves their dahlias in the ground, and they've only just popped up from the soil in the last couple of days. Take care, Lulu xXx

  9. Hope you didn't suffer any side effects Lula. I was fine - got my second one in two weeks because I am an old crone now!!
    Loving your garden. My pansies came back to life and I was thrilled. It appears they thrive on neglect. Have a great week. X

    1. Thank you Jane, I did have some post vaccine weirdness but, touch wood, it has now passed. Pansies are temperamental things aren't they! ...which completely explains the phrase 'stop being a pansy' :0 Take care, Lulu xXx

  10. Lulu, the Californian Poppies are stunning! Hope you're feeling okay after the jab. X

    1. Thank you Jess :) Funny feelings for a few days after the jab but all good now. Can you imagine those orange poppies smothering the hills of California, coupled with a hazy sunset! Lulu xXx


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