Homestead Woodland Garden and allotment visit

 Hello m' posh pies, Let's have a quick cuppa and peek at what's growing in the garden. Then I'll share some pictures from a visit to my brother's new allotment and the Homestead Woodland Garden. With the tulips and daffodils done and dusted, the forget-me-nots are hanging on in there and the pot Irises, Granny's Bonnets and Weigelia have moved to centre stage.   Iris hollandica 'Blue Magic'    Aquilegia 'Nora Barlow' (aka Granny's Bonnets)     Above: Weigela florida Some of you were getting a bit fancy in response to my pit enterprise, invented 'Bucks Piss' drink a couple of weeks ago (see Blossom and Brick post here ).  So here are some Elderflowers that can be thrown in with the grapefruit 'jus'.... is that posh enough for ya??? Before I could plant my dahlias out in the old veggie bed, I had to shoo along some red onions that I sowed from seed two years ago.  They're not much bigger than the ones you would buy as '

Quick cuppa tour: Early May

 Hello m' early Mays, Got your cuppa? and some dunking biscuits?  Let's go..... What a glorious day it has been. The air chill has eased. Most of the greenhouse plants have been allowed out for an early weekend outing. Here they all being boisterous in the sun, out on the picnic table -    The Dahlias think they're all grown up now and have been spending every night out.   The Cannas, that I divided back here , are still in the greenhouse but are coming along nicely.     Back outside the Granny's Bonnets (Aquilegia 'Nora Barlow') are just beginning to pop out,  just like all the grannies around Falmouth town, now they've had their two jabs -   The flowers really would make a great real life hat. The Californian Poppies and Calendulas are back (Eschscolzia california) - It is my humble opinion that one can never have enough sea thrift -  The Pansies pretended to die, but have dramatically returned.  Shame they are a little late for the Oscars. The Tree Echium

Blossom and brick

 Hello m' thirsty willows,   'Blossom and brick' ... I like how those words collide together. One sits stubbornly steady and reliable... the other is fleeting, fragile. Placed side by side for years upon years, they guard one another and share their little quirks. Would they greatly miss each other? Would they prefer to simultaneously fall into ruin? Each spring, when the blossom blooms, against a backdrop of bricks, it feels like anything and everything is possible.    Sackville Gardens by the Gay Village, Manchester City Centre (back in 2007) Where once a northern working men's club stood, lay the remains of my great grandparents house. As I kid I'd pass it on the way to school and skirt along its foundations. I knew which room was which. You see my dad had pointed them out to me, so I could visualise the chairs around the kitchen hearth, tea on the hob, a pie cooking. This post does not follow that family line; all the historical paperwork hints at heartache and