Seize the May ~ the garden wilds up ~

 Hello m' chucky chives,  


With allotment duties in full swing, you may be wondering if the garden is receiving the same wanton neglect as my eyebrows?... The answer, in yes... but it doesn't seem to mind.

Long Mizzle garden in May

When we moved in over eleven years ago, the garden was wildly overgrown, 'lost' and magical. A lot had to be cleared for practicality - mainly the monstrous leylandi hedging, but also the wild brambles, nettles and creeping buttercup.

 Self seeded Foxgloves and Sweet Williams

Now the new hedging has grown up and matured, the once veggie beds and cut flower beds are again partially shaded. This had led to a garden re-think. For now, nature can do what it does best.

Please ignore the non-colour coordinated towels, drying from this morning's sea swim with the kiddies.

My new battery powered strimmer (intended for the grass paths at the allotment) saves the day in the garden, by clearing a safe path through the wilderness of ferns, thistles and buttercups.

The Gunnera manicata, given to me by my gardening guru neighbour, is tamed in an old blue recycling tub, for now, until I decide where it will go.

Self seeded Verbena bonariensis, the ones that were whipping me in the face by the washing line last year, have been relocated to the outer wild edges.

 And down in the hot, stony pit?

Surely room for some future alpines? -
amonst the chives, strawberries, alchillea, succulents and sea thrift ?

One cleared bed, used for french beans last year.

Will possibly plant with chives and spring onions, as you can never have enough of these for cooking in the kitchen...

So that is how the garden is looking this fine May day. I have started up an 'Allotment Loving' playlist on YouTubey for those endeavours.

Hope you are keeping well. Please send news via courier pigeon!

Lulu xXx

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  1. Dear Lulu
    I hope all the seed sowing is successful - it should be a riot of colour. It must be so lovely to have that extra space now. I look forward to seeing what you do with the garden too - it is always exciting to add new things or change existing ones. I have just planted a division of a herbaceous clematis and am waiting to see if it will like its new home. Fingers crossed!
    Happy gardening!
    Best wishes

  2. Thank you for this tour around your gardens, such lovely photos. I really liked the self seeded Foxgloves, also the video. I've been viewing some of your videos on YouTube
    The weather up here on the east coast has been disappointing, even on recent days when most areas have enjoyed a few days of sunshine we get sea frets that extend a mile or so inland that means little sun and cool temperatures. On the plus side we don't get bad frosts and it's quite a few years since we've had more than a sprinkling of snow. David.

  3. Nature appears to be doing a rather lovely job. Xx

  4. I love the child's vision close-ups and I'm desperate to know what's on your "Allotment Loving" playlist! Fingers crossed for the 2015 lupins. I have every faith!
    Your garden may have been tidied up, but it retains that magical vibe, which is a vital ingredient of any garden, in my humble opinion.
    I wish it would stop raining long enough for me to make real progress in ours this year. xxx

  5. Loved your video and am looking forward to seeing all the lovely things you'll grow on that Allotment

  6. I always have garden envy after seeing a post from you, Lulu. Our wilderness isn't half as colourful as yours! We're plagued with that creeping buttercup as well. Do share that allotment playlist. Liking this for inspo:

  7. What, no colour coordinated washing? What is the world coming to?
    Your garden is looking magical as always! We are letting nature do what it does best too, which means Dove Cottage's garden is more of a wilderness than ever. And there I was thinking I'd have more time once I started working a day less ...
    Intrigued about your allotment playlist! xxx P.S. Courier pigeon on way :-)

  8. a bit of neglect suits long mizzle! :-D
    gorgeous little flowers and i love all the palm trees......
    BWH garden turns into a jungle in the very moment - it rains like mad bit it´s still warm - if the sund comes out again i will need a machete.
    i actually had the chance to send you a courier pigeon! last week a pretty one took a rest in the garden - first i thought it was injured and catched her to have a close look - but all was ok and i showed her the bird bath for a drink - recommended by the pigeon club website :-D boy was she thirsty!

  9. How lovely your allotment is - it's massive! I love the way your daughter waters, I must try that - but will I get dizzy? You inspired me to get some flower seeds into my plot :) I think you are going to have a lot of fun. I am doing a monthly video too - I look forward to seeing yours regularly :) Betty x


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