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Late September sunflowers

 Hello there, I hope you have been enjoying the last days of September. Don't let this sun deceive you, it has officially turned cold here in Cornwall! No sooner than our late planted sunflowers finally flowered, storm Aiden wreaked its havoc with  high winds and waves of freezing rain and hail. Today the sun emerged. We tentatively ventured out... and the surviving sunflowers greeted us with their big smiling faces. Here is the view from my favourite spot to sit on a cold but sunny day... like a cat... curled up on the sofa... taking in the sun's rays...drinking hot chocolate. The Verbena Bonariensis, Californina Poppies, Calendula and Dahlias are still going strong. It is amazing how well the Verbena stands up to strong winds. The pink River Lilies popped out this week (above, top right) and a self-seeded purple Candytuft appeared (above, bottom left). It will be soon time to top up the birds' peanuts... ... and put the succulents in the greenhouse for the winter. The col

Thank goodness it's the weekend

Hello again, how are you? I've got the kettle on if you've got the biscuits. I can breath a sigh of relief now I've sat my two RHS exams and finished work for the week. It has been one of those type of fortnights that I was not looking forward to: juggling childcare, exams and traditionally the busiest time of year in the office. The exams went well and fingers crossed,  I think I've done enough to complete my RHS Certificate in Plant Growth, Propagation and Development. Ah the magic powers of a bowl of water and some beach towels... hours of entertainment. This weekend will be spent making the most of our last pre-schooler days. Our littlest is due to start school and she's bound to get the 'tude' (attitude).  As my eldest said one month into her first year at school - 'I'm not cute, I'm four years old!!! Last Sunday, I escaped the house and children to prepare for my exams. Thankfully, my folks have a nice, quiet house and garden. My wonderful

The one that got away

Hello there, hope you are well. There's always one that gets away! I was wondering why my cucumber plant had ceased its production of lunchtime snacks. This is why: one big, bad snozzcumber, hiding behind my garden store, stealing all the water and nutrients . Now it has been extracted, the others will soon be on their way to fulfilling their lunch time destiny. [This week's dress is a Judith Chalmers-esq, 'Wish You Were Here' 1980s dazzler / the hair is of someone who has had a hard week at work and needs more sun hats ]     I think time may have ran out for my Echium Tree (Echium pininana), which has failed to flower, even though it's in its second year. All I can do now is protect it from winter frosts and hope its multi-branches develop into purple spikes next summer. Although technically biennials, I have heard they can take longer to flower.   We have popped our collected acorns in these special grow vases. We don't really have room for oak trees, but it