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Sometimes head gardeners need a break

 Hello m' cherubs, The seed sowing season is upon us. Much like my coordinated washing, I like to sow in themes of colour. Please don't be fooled into thinking I do all the garden jobs by myself. It is important to delegate. I've actually been actively training up the littlest one. Hopefully I'll be able to get some extra feet up time, with an endless supply of hot tea. The biggest one is currently chief tea making apprentice.  That's all for today folks. The sofa, granny blanket and a good book are calling. Please send gossip via courier pigeon. Lulu x   More recent blog posts can be founds here -

Dot dot dot

 Hello m' dotties, It has been a wonderful Easter weekend. You can probably guess where I've spent most of it? Of course, the garden! Since September I've been missing some packets from the Alpine Garden Society seed swap. It was driving me potty as I had looked everywhere for them. I had intended to sow the remaining seeds in autumn. All the logical places were checked: the potting bench, my tupaware store in the fridge, the cold cupboard in the downstairs toilet.  Then on Friday night, as I was Marie Kondo-ing the living daylights out of the airing cupboard (as one does on a Friday night), they revealed themselves. They had been sat in the sun lotion basket! Well, I had to do celebratory dance and found it hard to sleep after all that excitement. Before they escaped again, I got them sown into freshly washed pots and window propagator. Fingers crossed it's not too late and they hatch ok. The lost alpine seed list From South Africa: Romulea gigantea,  Lacanalia carnosa