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A proper weekend

Hello m' handsome axe tossers, I've not forgotten about blogland. I've just been super busy working extra hours and trying to keep the house in order. That makes the weekend all the more special and a return to that 'Friday feeling'. I've missed Gardeners World on t' tele for the past fortnight, so I'm not sure what Monty at Longmeadow has as jobs for the weekend, but here's what's been going on gardening wise here at Long Mizzle. The hedge trimming has begun in haste. The blobby Camillia has had a drastic skirt lift trim, the scraggly budleja has been hard cut back and the bay tree re-pom-pomed. The Vebena Bonariensis is trying to steal the show here, but look at that text book pruning in the background!   Now I can adorn the new voids with hanging things - Take a look at these posh, fleece lined gloves the viking brother got me for my birthday...  Well, that's the nicest they'll ever look again as Monsieur, who normally does not partak

The Church of the Storms

 Hello m' sandy cracks,    Gunwalloe Church Cove Beach, Cornwall The summer has flown by in a haze of heat and mischief.  As I type, the finest patio petrichor fills the garden. Its perfume filters through the window. Parched grass greedily sucks up today's rainfall. Together we eagerly await the autumn mists, steady mizzle and kite flying breeze. I've been busy catching up with old friends and have spent my 'holiday' with local days out and a little camping trip with the kids. Surely stargazing, sea swimming and cream teas must be the remedy for all modern day evils. A dry stone Cornish wall by Dollar Cove - thus named as silver dollars were washed ashore following the wrecking of a Portuguese ship in the 17th Century. Not a topless Poldark in sight - which is a good thing. Let's face it, he's a bit of a tw*t isn't he?!   A short walk away, tucked between a wild expanse of sand dunes and rocky outcrop: St Winwaloe's Church. 1332 is the earliest ment