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Mrs Mulch !?!.. It's show weekend...

 Hello m' cheese crackers, It's the Falmouth Spring Flower Show this weekend - the first since 2019. As defending champ in just one sole category, this is not something I've been taking lightly! Should any of my competitors be reading, I am keeping schtum on my entry. In fact, if this were a late summer show, I would be dousing my giant vegetables with holy water and employing the protection of Wallace and Gromit's 'Anti-Pesto' services. Being a spring show though, there will instead be daffodils, camellias and lots of springy sprigs. The 112th Falmouth Spring Flower Show 2022 @ Princess Pavillion                            Saturday 26th March 10am - 5pm | Sunday 27th March 10am - 4pm     After dropping our family entry form off at the Moor library last week, I popped into Falmouth Art Gallery upstairs, and was thrilled to see original Wallace and Gromit models on show as part of the current animation exhibition -   'The Curse of the Were-Rabbit', Aar

The Petting, Pancakes and Plants Place

 Hello m' pannenkoeks, We call it the 'Petting, Pancakes and Plants Place'. Officially it is the 'Wendron Plant Nursery and Pancake Barn', near Helston. We went during the half term holiday [ Warning: if you find kids annoying, don't go during the school holidays! ]. Well, it was an absolute hit with the kids and I - somewhere I could get my plant fix, the kids could feed some goats, laugh at some rogue chickens and attempt to pet a rabbit. I got a nice pot of tea, we all ate pancakes and there's even an outdoors play area. Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick. Yes. Goat Face, brother of Goat Beard - Dreaming of polytunnels (have I ever told you my idea of heaven is a polytunnel and a pot of tea?) - Succulents in hanging baskets (I will be ripping this idea off this summer) - Some more polytunnel dreaming, cacti, succulent propagation in action and a quick plant grab - Below are some Trachcarpus fortunei seedlings. Regular readers will know I have a trachy pal

May the nuclear war be cursed

Dear readers around the world, please know I come in peace, with creative, green fingers, not trigger happy, destructive ones...  Spring at Long Mizzle With the spring flowers blooming so beautifully, it is hard to comprehend the 'special military operation' on the edge of Europe that seeks to systematically erase an entire country, its memory, its culture... one that even threatens our planet as we know it. It is human nature to look for patterns. Unlike some comforting, predictable pop tune though in which one can guess the next notes, this is more like a mutating motif within an ill doomed symphony. History repeats itself time and time again.  'May the Nulclear War Be Cursed' Maria Pyrmachenko (1978) SOURCE    The Ukranian folk artist Maria Pyrmachenko (1904 - 1997) was born and lived her whole life in the village of Bolotriya, Kyiv Oblast. Relatives said she was a thoughtful and considerate person, with a passion for nature and everything living. I think that comes