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Spring comes early in Cornwall

 Hello m' chirpy cheeps,   As usually happens after a half-term holiday, I've been busy with so many adventures with the children, I don't know where to start. For today's post I shall keep it simple with some pictures of the mid-February garden and a little cuppa update. This is the place that calms and grounds me after an exciting week... It really is a beautiful time of year. The mornings are filled with bird song and cups of tea. As the sun rises more and more daffodils and crocus emerge from the spongy, damp earth. Four out of my five Camellias are now in full bloom.         The neighbours' gardens are full of colour too -       Just beyond the purple broccoli patch, my carbooty camellia is growing up well - Tulips emerging beneath the hurdle over apple tree - The mid level path has been refreshed with new wood chip.  The wood chip bags had been sat for a while under the chopped down holly tree. Look at this interesting fungi that I found lurking in one bag  -

Wombling & tidying

 Hello m' thrifty womblers,   Something a bit different for this week. I've been super busy tidying the garden. A girl can't spend all her free time clearing mutant holly trees and making multiple compost heaps though. A wombling road trip to Redruth was needed. Muddy work clothes aside, I even slapped on a dress, some hand cream and nail varnish.  What is wombling? The Wombles motto is "Make Good Use of Bad Rubbish". Our version of 'wombling' is visiting secondhand shops  (charity /antique/ junk shops) Source   Redruth, an old mining town in the heart of Cornwall. The area is dotted with mining engine houses and industrial relics. The hill in the background, Carn Brea, is one of the highest points in Cornwall. This vantage obviously attracted our ancient ancestors, as human settlement has been traced back 6000 years to early neolithic times. On a good day, both the Atlantic Ocean to the north, and the English Channel to the south can be seen.  'Make a