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My en vogue beaver dam

 Hello m' chewy beavers, Well, it'd be nice to say my blogging absence has been due to this week's Chelsea Flower Show, but it was in fact another Lulu (Lulu Urquhart along with Adam Hunt) that won Best Show Garden. 'Rewilding Britain Landscape' incorporated weeds, a wild meadow, dead foliage AND can you believe it.... an actual beaver dam, made with twigs pre-chewed by real beavers. I mean, really, what's not to love about that!!! As a big beaver lover, I think it was genius. I wish I had thought of it. 'Is it a garden' is as boring a question as 'but is it art'. It was planted, it was made, it looks beautiful. Just let it be. Bring on the beavers. As regular readers will know, I'm such an en pointe, en vogue, le chic kind of girl (yeah right!), so of course I already have my own beaver dam, of sorts. Oh, I may not have the gentle trickling water or beaver soundtrack,  but I am custodian of an old Cornish dry stone wall, so that's rathe

A garage or shed of your own?

 Hello m' mid Mayers, Just a quickie from me today.... How people choose to spend their free time always fascinates me. I think that's why I enjoy reading blogs so much - they are full of personal passion and interest. This month I  discovered one work colleague used to head a 'supernatural investigation club' - he has some hilarious and hair raising stories (more on that some other time).  Another colleague has converted the lower part of his garage into a blacksmith's forge, where he makes weaponry for his cosplay weekends. It gets better - the upper part of his garage looks like a medieval tavern. This is where he and his beardy friends gather under flickering candles to drink mead, eat stew from wooden bowls and play the Dungeons and Dragon's board game! It is said that the UK is a nation of gardeners. I suppose we have a good amount of rainfall and enough sun to make it a plausible pursuit. But what to do when the snow endlessly falls? Last week, I stumble

Mercury and sap are rising

 Hello m' giny tonics , Any moment now the emergency gin and tonic should be kicking in. Sloe berries collected from an autumn day's walk, steeped in gin, a Christmas present from my brother and sister-in-law- I have done well not to open it until now. It has just been one of THOSE weeks: corrupt iPhone, family sickness, broken washing machine (mid sloppy cycle). There's just three - no more please!   I had a glorious day in the garden yesterday. Miss Amaryllis joined me on the patio for an early morning cup of tea - By midday the mercury was so high, I had to take shelter in in the cool of the house. All afternoon, I kept popping out in between ice cube laden drinks, doing little stints in my straw sun hat, some weeding here, planting there, timely tracking the shade across the garden. My water butt dried up weeks ago, so any plantings were watered in using grey water.  The succulents are out of the greenhouse     Still no room for picnics.  Aim of the day: try to get as m