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We're gonna need a bigger pot

 Al'reet m' chiefs,   Of course the title's a play on a line in the 1975 film Jaws - 'We're gonna need a bigger boat'. Before I get onto pots, I'd like to share a little outing, and perhaps some boats... It's been an action packed week off and now I'm feeling like I need extra time to recover! One highlight was going over to the north coast with the kiddiwinkles and ancient ones.   The Fern Pit Cafe on the edge of Newquay, overlooks the River Gannel and Crantock beach. If I ever I think Long Mizzle's split levels are challenging, I think of the heavenly steep cliff side garden that tumbles down from the cafe to the boathouse and footbridge below. Above: Red Valerian (Centrranthus ruber) Unfortunately the steps, boathouse and footbridge were closed off on the day we visited. I have many fond memories of spending whole dusty summer days as a child, mucking about crab fishing, then walking back up the endless steps for an ice cold strawberry m

Less nattering, more car booty

 Hello m' fabulous flippers, Joy of joys, the car boot sales are back on. The spring blossom is blooming. It's a long bank holiday weekend - meaning lots of time to catch up on garden jobs and tea drinking. Just a short bloggymacjig today. If my old Geography teacher is reading - yes I can zip it - but no, one can never run out of things to natter simply saves them for another day!   One of the weirdest things I have ever spotted at a car boot sale -    Of course it was just asking for a certain je ne sais quoi -  I always wanted to be Daryl Hannah in Splash, with 80s crimped hair and my very own Tom Hanks. Turns out the lovely lass selling this was a real life mermaid - she makes the tails herself and swims in the sea or giant fish tanks with them. She said 'mermaid abs' are a thing! See here for some nicer pictures not involving my bonce -  The Cornish Mermaid  I shall leave you with a little video made early this morning, with the garden filled with mis

Daffodils beneath the telegraph wires

Hello m' sunnies! Please bring tea and sunglasses.... The dry stone hedgerows bob with happy yellow heads. The roadside fields are brazen. Sometimes a distant golden patch shimmers like a mirage, appears to move around and is impossible to locate. The flower picker trucks, with their 'pickers wanted' signs, hold you up your way to and from Rosudgeon carboot sale, grrrrr.  We're talking daffodils.  These particular rows are not for picking - oh no - these bulbs are busy multiplying. Please, let them concentrate...   Scamp's daffodil field, Falmouth, Cornwall     All the pictures on today's post were taken one glorious sunny Sunday morning (27th March): a trip to Scamp's 14 acre daffodil field on the outskirts of Falmouth. Many thanks to the super helpful Adrian  (Scamp Junior) for welcoming us, and the fab Mylor Garden Club for organising.     In Britain, we can apparently thank the Romans for bringing the daffodil over. (Monty Python: What have the Ro