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Feel like shite

 Eh up our kid, Less gardening this weekend - I've been living it up large, feet up, head full of lurgy, watching the Glastonbury Music Festival highlights on t' tele. The band that opened up my first ever Glasto in 1997 were called The Shirehorses. This was radio DJs Mark and Lard's spoof band. Having listened to their ridiculous comedy sketches on BBC Radio 1's graveyard slot, holed up in my teenage garage, I was a big fan.  When Mark n' Lard moved to Radio 1's prime time slot, they refused to relocate from their Manchester base (the rest of Radio 1 broadcast from London) and they would often play the spoons or kazoo over any tune they disapproved of (compulsory playlists you see). They particularly seemed to take offense to a band called Savage Garden, which they called 'Cabbage Garden'. They claimed every band around at the time had nicked their sound. In my early 20s I got to meet them in person as a friend of mine from the BBC technology trainee sc

Cokey pokey June garden tour

 Hello m' fizz pots, It's too bloomin' hot outside, so I've come in for a nice glass of cokey pokey* and wee blog sesh. Ol' Glass Eyed Mumrah told me off for not doing a post last week! Feet up and crunching on ice cubes, I'm smug in the thought that I won't have to bucket up the bath water tonight and lug it downstairs to water the patio pots. This is because I have gradually been planting them up with drought tolerant succulents. * The cokey can't pokey because the pokey's in the cokey! * [The copyright goes to my six year old daughter who came up with that slogan. No, it doesn't make any sense, but it could be advertising genius ]    Aonium 'Zwartkop' underplanted with Sedum album   Red house leeks and Delosperma 'Ruby' Aeonium arboreum and Mesembryanthemums (that's a mouthful - lets just call them Livingstone Daisies) Last year the cannas were in the half-barrel pots, but look how much happier they are let loose in rich, m