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Cup of tea tour: A woody throne

Bonjour mon petit jonquil! Got your cuppa? Let's go....Wow, what a difference one week makes. It really feels like spring has sprung. The question is, is it warm enough to sit bare bottomed on the soil yet?... certainly not, how dare you! The mornings are still a little frosty. Here's just one job I've been meaning to do all winter: sorting out the area by the playhouse. I wish I had taken a  'before' picture to go with my smug 'after' picture, as it was quite a mess! Nettles removed and bramble roots wrestled out, I laid weed membrane down and covered it with new bark shredding.   A landing area where the kids put their deck chairs, I have been instructed not to grow plants in this spot. This is where they natter to their friends at the bottom at the garden  (p.s. the friends sound made up, but they are indeed real). So, what to put there instead??? A wooden throne of course!!!   Voila! The Long Mizzle Throne, forged from seven pieces of fallen wood, co

A trail of nature and Brunel's relics

 Hello m' early springy pops,   In a momentary lull of rain this week, a couple of garden tasks were tackled (full details in next post). This, in addition to an epic welly walk, has ensured we've had a good dose of fresh air and vitamin D. Making the most of our once-daily-allowed-exercise-outing, we picked a sunny afternoon to follow  Penryn's Nature Trail . It is an absolute gem of a walk and we had tremendous fun, even if we did get caught in a couple of hailstone storms.  The start of the trail is best experienced by finding the hidden 'ope' (narrow alleyway) between two historic Penryn town houses on St Thomas Street. Lovely as it is, we cheated and skipped this section by joining the trail from behind the Methodist church.    At this time of year wellies are essential, and even then the eldest sprog managed to get a boot stuck in the mud, and landed sock down whilst we cackled with laughter. Luckily I always carry spare socks, pants & leggings in my tr

Fairy gardens #1

Well, seeing as it is Fairy-bruary!!! A rare glimpse into a wee fairy habitat... shhhh, please make sure to be quiet and carefully step this way...   Various succulents are planted in an old casserole dish, wrapped in a blue ribbon. Slate steps lead down from a real fairy door to a shell garden, edged with pebbles and interspersed with driftwood and toadstools (cake decorations).     Baby succulents nestle amongst the beach collected white pebbles.    The compost is free draining and very gritty. As there are no drainage holes, it is sparingly watered.   Strange trippy music emanates from the green potion bottle. The resident fairy Alice contemplates drinking from it  -   One pill makes you larger And one pill makes you small, And the ones that mother gives you Don't do anything at all. Go ask Alice When she's ten feet tall. And if you go chasing rabbits And you know you're going to fall, Tell 'em a hookah smoking caterpillar Has given you the call...   (White Rabbit by