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Quick cuppa tour: Late January

 Hello m' ice pops, I'm still meant to be revising, so this is officially a naughty post! But what's that Jack Nicholson line from The Shining? - 'All work and no play makes Jack a Dull Boy' . Topiary and typewriter aside, I have made a nice coffee and have a few pictures to share if you'd like to join me... Sunny but frosty morning over Long Mizzle   Below is one of Witches Balls that protect the Dahlia bed from crapping cats. Witches Balls originate from 18th Century Britain. They were hung in windows, to ward off evil spirits.   The nasturtiums finally succumbed to the frost after taking this photo - The ground is too frozen to work here. A good excuse for another cuppa and some biscuits. The top patio is always warmer, perfect for potting duties - Some stray crocus bulbs were found lurking behind the greenhouse.   Ol' Glass Eyed Mumrah made this pot. She went through a ceramics craze in the late 80s. Just looking at it brings back happy memories, sitting

Seed Swapsies 2022

Alreet m' paper packets, The deranged skin headed Bronson (played by Tom Hardy) has taken a prison guard hostage in his cell. A telephone is passed through the door's hatch. The governor on the other end asks "What do you want?". Bronson replies 'What have you got?' Bronson As promised... here is some of what I have : Amaranthus Caudatus Red (Love Lies Bleeding) (grown as ornamental but is edible) Cucumber 'Crystal Lemon' Dill 'Mammoth' Dwarf French Beans  Chilli Pepper 'Cayenne' Pumpkin 'Blue Prince' Runner Bean Scarlet Emperor Tomatoes (a whole range, including cherries, beefsteaks etc)   There may be many more added to this list, but I am checking the viability of some using this handy chart, courtesy of Chicago Botanic Garden - The RHS Veg Planner is useful for formulating a seed to harvest plan. This year I want to get better at growing salad crops successionally, to ensure a constant supply. An old colleague, Ridders,

Neolithic Partridge

Aha!!! from outpost station Long Mizzle,   Jolly good of you to join me for my weekly correspondence.  It's been very quiet in the garden, bar the sound of freezing horizontal, non-stop pelting rain!!! To prove the garden's continued existence, I have included a picture of the Camellia in bloom at the bottom of the garden.  I've named this one 'Dan'. I heckle him from up t' top. (Above picture: my Alan Partridge stance!) The weird growth on the Tree Aeonium (Aeonium arboreum) is its very first flower emerging - A native of the Canary Islands, where is clings to arid hillsides, Tree Aeoniums grow very well in Cornwall, and can be seen in abundance in the hedgerows of the Scilly Isles (the archipelago off the tip of Lands End). I was surprised to read it is considered an invasive specie in Southern Australia. This particular rosette will die after flowering. Luckily cuttings strike very easily from its sausagey stems. You can see here some stems look like slayed

The Coconut Shy prize

 Happy new year m' rusty trolleys, We went on our bi- annual trip to 'the big lights' of Truro this week - Cornwall's only city. It doesn't quite feel like a city, but it has a very handsome Cathedral which can be seen from all approaches. The eldest child enjoys its 'Hogwartness'.       Tucked down a little alley is the 'Mega Loft' and next to that, the 'Enjoy' clothing shop started by Bernie Beale (died 2019, aged 81). We always called him 'Mr Boogie Woogie' as this was the name of his vintage store in the old Falmouth church, that later became the Phoenix Picture House. Bernie was quite a character - once you met him, you'd never forget him.   The above image of Bernie graces the wall of the Mega Loft  courtyard, above a shelf of potted pelargoniums ( I wanted to take a picture but someone else's bonce was in the way). Bernie traded at the first ever Glastonbury. He specialised in kitsch fashion, fabulous junk and crazy pro