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Yuletide Tinsel Tidings

 Hello m' beardy chimney abseilers,  Magical yuletide tinsel tidings to you.  I've just about finished this year's duties as Father Christmas' PA (pfff, that guy!). Time to take a break from the busy perfume empire also. 'Shizzle' is falling off the shelves and we have a massive 3 followers on YouTube!!! Monsieur and I are glad to have both had our Covid boosters. The kids are just a little excited. I am very much looking forward to putting my feet up tonight with a tipple, and eating the big guy's mince pie.   Here are some seasonal pictures taken on this week's walks: Trelissick Garden (National Trust) and Falmouth Town - Above: Abutilon megapotamicum Bellow: Fairy lights and Pyracantha atalantiodes by the kazzies. Gnarly Rosemary in old chimney pot - Beautiful winter  roses - Wisteria doorway - Wooded walk down towards the King Harry ferry - First Rhododedrons out - Lovely bracts on felled tree trunk - Making fairy wands - POST EDIT -  I found a bette

'Shizzle' by Long Mizzle

 Hello m' beauties,   Something a bit different for today's post. Coming to a back street chemist not near you, nor any time soon... a new scent sensation. Try and grab one quick, before your Great Aunt Gertrude does, just in time for Christmas - 'Shizzle' by Long Mizzle Please say hello if you have stopped by the mad house. Lulu xXx Long Mizzle Channel on YouTube   Thank you for visiting! Most recent posts can be found here -  

A very thrifty Winter Solstice

 Hello m' Chateau escapees, What's wrong with a glitter-ball-skeletal-lampshade topped with a Giant Flying Tuna, as a Christmas decoration, I ask you ???  When the kids mocked me and asked for a 'proper Christmas Tree', I started to worry. I mean, what is up with these kids today?  Next they'll be asking to go to Disneyland, not content mud sliding on tea trays down one of the local spoil tips.    Then I thought, 'right, you little blighters, you want 'Christmassy', I'll give you 'Christmassy'... with a dark Winter Solstice twist '.   Inspired by Beate , and channeling my own inner 'Escape to the Chateau',  I donned my red beret, grabbed my secateurs, pulled on my wellies, and went out into the garden to forage for foliage. Returning indoors, I kept on my red beret, just for effect really (our 1970s house is centrally heated).  The gathered foliage:  Phontinia, Bay, Camellia and Rhododendron (the later two with flower buds). Our y